Welcome to our skin pricing page. The potential to break into the market with new concepts using American Alligator leather is unlimited and timely. There is a spirit of adventure working with the leather, knowing that every alligator design will be unique because every alligator skin is unique. The information provided here is to assist you in selecting the right finished skins for your creations.

Alligator leather offers two main cuts of the skin, the belly and the hornback. Each cut is designed to maximize a certain attribute of the skin and needs to be taken into consideration when ordering. While each cut has traditional applications, designers are by no means limited to those uses. The amount you purchase of the finished alligator leather depends solely on the design. All parts of the skin may be used in one design or you may choose certain portions to create your own special effect.

skin information
Skin Information Sheet
As with all fabrics and materials the first thing to consider is what will the skin be used for. If it is to be made into belts, then one skin can provide several of those depending on the width and length of the belt itself. If the skin is to be used for say a long jacket or maybe even to cover a piece of furniture, then one skin will probably not be enough. An alligator skin has so many different patterns and designs within itself so the possibilities are endless.
skin pricing
2018 Alligator Skin Pricing

We understand first time buyers may find this a bit confusing. What you get when you buy is either the skin from the gators belly OR its back. When we say whole skin we mean the WHOLE skin nose to tail. As far as the pricing…a gator that is 10 feet in length should measure roughly 65 cm across its belly…at $10/cm for a Grade II skin…according to the pricing guide shown above…that gator would cost $650. We hope this clears things up. 

If you should have anymore questions about pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us either through our contact form, email or if you would prefer to speak to someone…please call the number below.